No One Gets There Alone

That’s Why Elevate Shows Up

Our Mission

Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community.

COVID-19 Update

Our Teacher/Mentors continue to work with students using Zoom, social distancing, phone calls, texts, in-person classes, and small group meetings.

Virtual Site Visits

Starting Soon!

If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more about ELEVATE Orlando, sign up for a Virtual Site Visit. You can meet Teacher/mentors and students to find out how ELEVATE is changing lives.



Four Pillars

Our Secret Sauce

ELEVATE Orlando employs a holistic approach to meet each child’s needs. This means full-time salaried teacher-mentors, year-round programming, cross-age mentoring, and a long-term relational approach in four areas: accredited classes, mentoring, adventure, and college & career.



taught you what it meant to have integrity.





had your back when you needed it most.





helped you make a plan for your future.





helped you grow through challenge.



13 Character Qualities

We Develop Character and Life Skills with Everything We Do

Whether we are teaching in the classroom, visiting a college campus, or paddle boarding with our students, we are driving home thirteen key ideas. Those ideas include:

Seven Character Qualities for Success

1. Vision: Thinking or dreaming of your future

2. Courage: Being brave and standing up for what you believe

3. Respect: Treating others and yourself well

4. Caring: Being kind and helping others

5. Responsibility: Doing what you need to do

6. Positive Work Ethic: Working hard and doing a good job

7. Integrity: Being honest, keeping promises, and doing the right thing.

Six Skills for Success

1. Career Minded: Preparing for a career, which is work you choose based on your interests and skills.

2. Communication: Talking clearly, listening carefully, making sure you understand

3. Leadership: Influencing a team to accomplish a goal

4. Problem Solving: Finding good answers in hard situations

5. Decision Making: Making good choices

6. Goal Setting: Making a plan and taking steps to reach my dream

Top Notch Staff

Teacher-Mentors Influence Lives

We hire men and women who have a passion for seeing young people succeed. They invest their lives in seeing each student reach his or her highest potential.

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Get Involved

How are you interested in being a part of the ELEVATE movement?

Are you a student or parent interested in the ELEVATE Orlando program? Are you a business owner or leader who would like to give back to your community? Or do you have a passion for helping students reach their highest potential? Contact to find out how you can get connected. Click here to sign up for our monthly e-mail.

no one gets there alone

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