No One Gets There Alone

That’s Why Elevate Shows Up

Our Mission

Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community.

COVID-19 Update

Our Teacher/Mentors continue to work with students using Zoom, social distancing, phone calls, texts, and small group meetings. Click here to read our complete plan.

Our Approach

Transformational Relationships

If you consider yourself successful, chances are, somewhere along your journey there were people who encouraged or pushed you towards your potential. It may have been a parent, a teacher, a relative, or a mentor.

Unfortunately, many of today’s urban youth lack this positive guidance, resulting in alarming dropout, teen pregnancy, and incarceration rates. That’s where Elevate comes in; with meaningful relationships, opportunities, and experiences that shape students into the young adults we know they can become.



Leadership Principles





Four Pillars

Our Secret Sauce

ELEVATE Orlando employs a holistic approach to meet each child’s needs. This means full-time salaried teacher-mentors, year-round programming, cross-age mentoring, and a long-term relational approach in four areas: accredited classes, mentoring, adventure, and college & career.



taught you what it meant to have integrity.





had your back when you needed it most.





helped you make a plan for your future.





helped you grow through challenge.



13 Character Qualities

We Develop Character and Life Skills with Everything We Do

Whether we are teaching in the classroom, visiting a college campus, or paddle boarding with our students, we are driving home thirteen key ideas. Those ideas include:

Seven Character Qualities for Success

1. Vision: Thinking or dreaming of your future

2. Courage: Being brave and standing up for what you believe

3. Respect: Treating others and yourself well

4. Caring: Being kind and helping others

5. Responsibility: Doing what you need to do

6. Positive Work Ethic: Working hard and doing a good job

7. Integrity: Being honest, keeping promises, and doing the right thing.

Six Skills for Success

1. Career Minded: Preparing for a career, which is work you choose based on your interests and skills.

2. Communication: Talking clearly, listening carefully, making sure you understand

3. Leadership: Influencing a team to accomplish a goal

4. Problem Solving: Finding good answers in hard situations

5. Decision Making: Making good choices

6. Goal Setting: Making a plan and taking steps to reach my dream

Top Notch Staff

Teacher-Mentors Influence Lives

We hire men and women who have a passion for seeing young people succeed. They invest their lives in seeing each student reach his or her highest potential.

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Get Involved

How are you interested in being a part of the ELEVATE movement?

Are you a student or parent interested in the ELEVATE Orlando program? Are you a business owner or leader who would like to give back to your community? Or do you have a passion for helping students reach their highest potential? Contact to find out how you can get connected. Click here to sign up for our monthly e-mail.

no one gets there alone